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Comfort Keepers Reviews in North Augusta, SC, Evans, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Read our Comfort Keepers reviews to find out what people are saying about us

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in home care provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves.

Read these Comfort Keepers reviews from clients and family members, and learn how we can raise your loved one's quality of life in North Augusta, SC, Augusta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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"I would like to say, I'm well pleased with the care my Comfort Keeper provides for me. She's a nice, friendly, caring young lady."

AC - Georgia

"Our Comfort Keeper caregiver is a very smart dependable young lady. She goes above and beyond her caregiver title and I'm very grateful and blessed to have her. Thanks Comfort Keepers North Augusta, you have a very reliable employee. She's a keeper!"

AA - Augusta, GA

"Our Comfort Keeper is very thorough with her various jobs. We also have clean floors, good meals, she takes us to our appointments! She is very dependable, and hard working. She is an excellent caregiver who is very compassionate, prompt and reliable. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. O - Augusta, GA

"It has been a pleasure to have all the Comfort Keeper ladies that have come. We have gotten along well. They are nice companions to talk with and also caring. I recommend them highly."

Mary M - Evans, Georgia

"My Comfort Keeper caregiver is just one amazing person. Always on time when you need her. I haven’t seen one job too big for her to handle. She has the biggest heart one person can carry. It’s going on three years of her being with us. She comes in every morning and greets us with the same smile as day one. She takes very good care of us. But the best and most of all about our caregiver, she always puts us first to let my daughter have some relaxing days. Thank you Comfort Keepers for making our lives great to stay at home."

Rodney S - North Augusta, SC

"Comfort Keepers has been a life-saver. They help my Father with daily hygiene which allows him to stay home with us. Thank you for all your help and being such a big part of my Father’s life. He looks forward to your daily visits."

Jackie - Grovetown, GA

"Our Comfort Keeper is a very good caregiver. She keeps the house and cares for my wife very well. She is a pleasure to have in our home."

W.S. - North Augusta, SC

"Words can’t express how sweet our Comfort Keeper caregiver is. She is heaven sent. She gives above and beyond. My whole family loves her. I’m so glad Comfort Keepers has her. It would be really hard to replace her."

Larry C - Augusta, GA

"We cannot be more grateful to Comfort Keepers (in North Augusta) and especially for our specific caregiver. Dad and the whole family bonded immediately to her. She is kind, gentle, observant, and very capable. Dad likes her cooking better than mine! Even when he could no longer stay at home, we kept Comfort Keepers and our caregiver. The assisted living staff adore her as well. She is reliable, responsible, and steps in whenever she’s needed, with a smile and warm heart. Both Comfort Keepers and our caregiver have been a Godsend to us and we feel truly blessed."

C Cook - Alexandria, VA

"My Comfort Keeper is the best! He is really a good caregiver. He helps me with everything! From a shower and shave to making me lunch. He’s a good guy to have around! When I’m down and out, he brings me back up!"

Chuck - Augusta, GA

"I feel very lucky to have my Comfort Keepers caregiver and so does my family. From day one, when she first walked in the door she took charge without me having to ask her to do anything. Not only in home but she transports me to all my medical appointments. I can’t think of anyone better!I feel very lucky to have my Comfort Keepers caregiver and so does my family. From day one, when she first walked in the door she took charge without me having to ask her to do anything. Not only in home but she transports me to all my medical appointments. I can’t think of anyone better!"

JM - North Augusta, SC

"HUGE SHOUT OUT to Janet and Jeff Baumgardner, Comfort Keepers CSRA, and all of the "angels" who work for them!!! They are a God send to me and my Momma being so loving, patient, and kind to my sweet Daddy in order to give my Momma a break. Just such an answer to our prayers!!"

Cheryl G - North Augusta, SC

"One could not ask for nicer people than the folks at Comfort Keepers in North Augusta. Although I only needed assistance in transportation and shopping for a few months, those were a few months I thoroughly enjoyed. My Comfort Keepers caregiver was without a doubt the luck of the draw! I could not have hoped for someone with more patience or someone was nicer or more fun. Thanks for a wonderful experience in a trying time."

Kathleen G.

"Comfort Keepers North Augusta caregivers truly are committed to providing the best care possible so that our loved ones can remain at home."

C. Jones

"Comfort Keepers 429 provides reliable, excellent, compassionate care. Always ensures safe transfers and ensures grooming is lovingly done. I always look forward to having my Comfort Keeper caregiver arrive. She has a bubbling, positive personality and ensures all tasks are perfectly done."

Brett B - Evans, GA

"My Comfort Keeper (429) caregiver takes such good care of me. She actually helps me find things in the stores. She helps me with my bath, very carefully so that I don’t risk falling. She has a warm personality and likes to laugh with me. In the car she hooks my seatbelt and helps me in and out. She pushes a basket for me in the Drug Store and in the Grocery. I could not ask for a better companion. She is tops in my opinion. I am always glad to see her smile!"

Joan K. - North Augusta, SC

"My Comfort Keeper (429) caregiver has been caring for my husband for 2 1/2 years. She is very dedicated to her work and very trustworthy. When I leave I never have to worry about my husband and that means the world to me."

B C - Aiken, SC

"First, thank you so much for the extremely great care you gave our mother for the last few months. Every Comfort Keeper was incredibly caring and patient, and my mother loved each and every one of them. My brothers and I send a very special, Thank You again for ....everything."


"Kindness, compassion and generosity are reflections of God's love and the love of the people from Comfort Keepers. You may not realize it, but people like you are rare. The people from Comfort Keepers have been a lot of help to me. I really do not know how to say a sincere thank you."

Annette B. - North Augusta, SC

"Thank you so much for honoring Mother's and Daddy's full and meaningful lives. Your support meant so much to all of us."

Julie B. - Augusta, GA

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